Strict Quality Assurance Measures Ensure Consistency

Strict Quality Assurance Measures Ensure Consistency

Deliver The Same Superior Flavor For Every Sip

To some, quality is just a word. To AMFOTEK®, it’s the driving force behind how we do business every day…and an essential core competency. The proof? Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant consistently achieves the highest certification levels attainable from food safety and sanitation inspections. Our stringent manufacturing process controls are evidenced in our Safe Quality Food (SQF) certifications: Manufacturing Edition 8 and Quality Edition 8.

At each phase of the manufacturing process, we utilize statistical process control methodologies and run full analytical and organoleptic assessments to ensure the highest level of product consistency.

As a result of our unwavering quality measures, your customers are assured the same flavor every time they enjoy your signature blend.

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